Two Kinds of Taxi in Metro Manila

We all know that the standard color of taxi in Metro Manila is white and the standard rate is

First 2 kilometers : PHP 30.00

Next 0.2 kilometer : PHP 2.50

Shops$26Antiques 165[1]Normal White Taxi

Most of us are not aware that there are Airport Taxi with special rates

First 2 kilometers : PHP 70.00

Next 0.2 kilometer : PHP 4.00

Taxi[1]Yellow Airport Taxi

Last night,  it was raining so hard and it is very hard to get a cab.  A yellow cab stop at my front  and ask me if I want a ride,  normally I don’t get these kinds of taxi because the fare is more expensive.  I told the driver that I am not interested and he said that he will give me 20 Pesos discount.  Since the weather is bad and I need to go home therefore I took the offer.

I found out the the fare is different but the boundary is the same as the standard white taxi,  P1,400 in 24 hours.

After travelling 4.6km the bill is P122.00 and the driver only took P100 (P22 discount)

At a normal taxi the fare is P62.50 and normally I give P70 – P80 (P7.50 – P17.50 tip)

Bottom-line: Due to the competition, some yellow taxi driver needs to haggle in order to get passengers.

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