Goal Setting

I’ve just seen this video about “How great leaders inspire action” and I had a reflection on what happened to the last 10 years of my life.

Eight years ago I tried to set up an electronics retail business without knowing how to run a business.  At that time, I believed that if I graduate college and end up as an employee, I won’t have any bright future in front of me.  Why? I am surounded by rich businessmen and I don’t have any successful employee friend at that time.

As mentioned, The business went through and after a year it closed down.  What happened? Wrong goals.

My only goal was to make money.  No vision, no mission, no difference from my competitors, except that sometimes they are cheaper.  I dreamt to be rich because I wanted to raise the living standard for my future kids even though my current standard of living at that time was already high.

Bottomline is, my shop was like the small DeeBeeDee (DVD) stores  in Greenhills, where there is no difference between shop A and shop B. All films are the same, even the packaging, see one see all, the only difference is the bargain price.

After my business career, i went to an IT company to work.  My goal was to learn something from that company, quit in 5 years, and start my own company.  What was I thinking? I needed experience in order to be successful.

After six and a half years, I am still in that same company. Why? I still don’t have a good enough concept to start up a business. Why? Because I realized that I will never succeed if making money is my only goal.

Anyway, I am very glad that i’m still with this company because there’s never a dull moment, and never did a single day went by without me learning awesome and geeky things.

My goal now is to learn and not to earn.  I have set aside my focus on income and is now more focused on my work.  I see to it that i help people without expecting anything in return.  I treat the team not as colleagues and officemates but as friends and family.  What is my take away? I learned a lot.  How about my money-making goal? I’ll just follow my dreams and money will definitely follow.  I’ll leave everything to God and God will guide me according to His will.


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