No Littering on the Street of Metro Manila

Since time in memorial, we know that littering is prohibited anyway.  It is against our moral to litter.  Any kid knew that littering is bad for our environment.  However it is very common to litter on the streets, why?

  1. It is very comfortable, since if you want to dispose something just leave it anywhere and you don’t need to carry the litter since it is not your place anyway.
  2. Lack of trash cans in the city, even in malls there is a scarce of trash bins.  So who care, I rather leave my trash than look for a trash can
  3. Laziness, since the street is not your place and hoping that someone will clean the streets, because we paid for there service through expensive taxes.

On the year 1999, there is the Anti Littering Resolution (99-006) by MMDA and this is not properly implemented until Sept. 16, 2010.

The MMDA has apprehended more than 100 litterbugs during the first day of the re-implementation of the Anti-Littering Law on Thursday.


  1. Littering, Illegal dumping, Illegal disposal of garbage;
  2. Urinating, defecating, spitting in a public place;
  3. Dirty frontage and immediate surroundings for establishment owners;
  4. Improper and untimely stacking of garbage outside residence or establishment;
  5. Obstruction (any dilapidated appliance, vehicle, and etc., display of merchandise, illegal structure along sidewalk);
  6. Dirty public utility vehicles, or no trash can or receptacle;
  7. Spilling, scattering, littering of wastes by public utility vehicles; and
  8. Illegal posting or installed signage, billboards, posters, streamers and movie ads., etc.


  1. 500 to 1,000 pesos for fines, or
  2. Render community service for those who cannot afford the fine

I hope that this should be implemented in the whole country.  And if we want a clean city we must follow this rule. Let’s support MMDA.


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