Tip #3 Mind you own Business (Wag maging Uzi)

Traffic accident is one of the common reasons why we have traffic jam.  Because it clogs one or two lanes of the road, therefore traffic built up.  Do you know what is the real reason of the traffic jam if there is an accident?

GOSSIP, people slow down and wondering what is the cause of the accident as if they can help.  Yah right,  they can only help by making the traffic jam worst. 

By looking at the above photo, you are already wondering what happened on those motorcycle riders.  People really want to know the story and others took a photo of it as shown on the above photo.

Almost all of the locations after the incident area, the road is already wide open.  Most of the time, motorists don’t have an idea on the real story of the incident.  Real story such as root cause, status of the people involve, etc.

This is not only common on accidents. There are some other scene that motorists slow down and take a look.

Someone made a traffic violation: normally people slow down and wondering what is the violation. 

By looking at similar incidents same with the photo, do you know the root cause?  Can you help the one who has trouble on the street.  Definitely NOT!  You only help to make the traffic jam worst by slowing down.


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