Wring on iPad

I love writing on my notebook. The most effective way for me for note taking is writing, however these days, it is hard to share something if it is not in digital copy and scanning you notebook is not a goo approach.

Why writing is the best?
Do you know that when you right you remember the strokes.

Honesly I don’t review my notesmuch often. I remember what I write because of the strokes. But in typing, aside from being a slow typer. It is hard o remember what you type.

Here are some tools in iPad that I bought for writing.

A. Penultimate
Like: when i write it looks my hand writing is nice.
Dislike: hard rest algorithm is not that good, cannot type, wrong touch you will go to next or next next page.

Screen shot of Penultimate.

B. Notes plus
Like: you can type, write, and put shapes. Can eport to PDF. can be sync with Google Docs. Nice wrist pad for hard writing
Dis like: Bad hand writing.

Screen shot of Notes Plus

Here is my stylus for writing



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