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Kwentong Barbero (Barber’s Tales) is an idiomatic expression in Filipino which means “talking nonsense”. This expression started when people started to gather and talk while having their hair cut and their mustache shaved by a barber. The barber usually tells the story about politics, gossip, etc. to entertain his customers.

The Barber (a.k.a. Blogger, that’s me!)

My name is Jameson Ong, a Chinese-Filipino from Pasig City. I am not a barber by profession, I am a Quality Assurance Engineer, and I love to tell stories that can be anything under the sun. I used to talk about things verbally but when I realized that most people, especially my wife, are into blogging, I decided to give it a try. So please read on the stories that I’ll be posting. These stories will mostly be about current events, social observations, personal discoveries, hobbies, and many more.

Language: Mostly English, some post are in Filipino.

The Mascot (a.k.a. Avatar Picture)

Here is Russell, the first Asian-American character who had a lead role in Pixar Films, a product of Disney-Pixar. According to my wife I look like him and he’s so cute. So that’s the reason why I place that picture as my avatar. Thanks Pixar for creating Russell.


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