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Our Adventures with Outdoor Furniture

After we move in to our home, we put some appliance inside it. From TV, ref, couch to surround sound system up to Wi-Fi connection, we almost complete our dream home set up however our balcony is pretty empty like our neighbor’s balcony that haven’t moved in yet.

We cannot afford that our balcony is empty since it is part of our house and we expect that if we have guest some will go to the balcony and have some drinks. So we started our journey, from ACE hardware to Malls. Mostly in those areas the material of the furniture is plastic or cheap metal. If there are good material it cost a lot, which is more than PHP 15,000, for the cheap one it only cost around PHP 3,000.


Sample of Cheap Plastic Imitation

Last week we went to Tagaytay for a vacation and suddenly we passed by, along Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road in Silang, Cavite, a lot of furniture shops there which has the specialty of creating antique chairs and tables.


Initially we found a lot creating abaca or rattan furniture and it is quite expensive so we settle to solid wood. Since they are specialize on antiques we need to be careful with the design so we don’t end up in haunted house design.


Finally we end up to this table set, made of acacia wood which has 4 chairs and a small table with 30 inch diameter, and it cost us only around PHP 7,500. For the quality we need to test it with time, but for functionality, as of this writing I am using this table while I am writing this blog entry. If you want to have some wood furniture you can take a look at Silang, Cavite. If you don’t like their design and you are adventurous you can ask them to customize for you. Finally don’t forget to haggle for bargain 🙂


This is it!!!