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Candy Train

Remember Pipe Dreams…. I first encountered this on Windows 3.1 claasic game. The objective of the game is to place the pipes from one end to another end. And make sure that the water will smoothly flo to the other end.

Pipe Dream for Windows 3.1

Here is its reincarnation… Candy Train.

Platform: iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad [HDMode])
Price: FREE

Similarity: Instead of Pipes, it became rails. And the train will just go round and round.

Objective: The train will just go round and round and you need to get the additionar train car. All you need to do is to prepare the tracks for the train. When the train get longer it became faster and difficult to manuver.


When you get the caboose a station will appear. And you need to let the train to get in to the station, so the train cars will be left at the station on the next level.

However you must remember DO NOT LET THE TRAIN CRASH!!!


Why addictive, because of compeion to the high score.. The game rules is so simple but it is hard.

My highest score is 24,120. And my friend, who introduced the game to me has a score of 36,xxx…

Here are some screen shot for this game.




Wring on iPad

I love writing on my notebook. The most effective way for me for note taking is writing, however these days, it is hard to share something if it is not in digital copy and scanning you notebook is not a goo approach.

Why writing is the best?
Do you know that when you right you remember the strokes.

Honesly I don’t review my notesmuch often. I remember what I write because of the strokes. But in typing, aside from being a slow typer. It is hard o remember what you type.

Here are some tools in iPad that I bought for writing.

A. Penultimate
Like: when i write it looks my hand writing is nice.
Dislike: hard rest algorithm is not that good, cannot type, wrong touch you will go to next or next next page.

Screen shot of Penultimate.

B. Notes plus
Like: you can type, write, and put shapes. Can eport to PDF. can be sync with Google Docs. Nice wrist pad for hard writing
Dis like: Bad hand writing.

Screen shot of Notes Plus

Here is my stylus for writing


Word Press for iPad

I’m back and guess what, I’m using Word Press for iPad. This is a simple tool that allows you to write something specially while you are on the go.

This is so simple and all that you can do is to write,add photos, and add videos.

If you are expect enough you can use HTML commands to add color and change font. Who cares, you want art go to your PC. You want simple and fast, use mobile device.

By the way why we blog? Because we want to write and share something.

I tried some featues that i think useful for this application.


Sample screen shot.

Cool Application UI for Windows Mobile

Are you bored with on your Windows Mobile Home Screen.  Bored with the looks since you saw it over and over again.  And you want to have the “WOW” factor as you’ve seen on the iPhone?

Introducing SBP Mobile Shell 3.5. It comes with the following features:

  1. Cool widgets to customize your Home screen. 
  2. Finger friendly contacts with Facebook integration
  3. Fast access to all your phone features and applications
  4. SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools, not limited to the basic phone tools.  I also includes Weather forecasts, Internet, and Facebook & Twitter status
  5. Finally you can customize your device with different options such as
    • Widget position
    • Color Theme
    • Cool Background home screen
    • and many more…

image image image A screen shot of my Home Screen and add widget feature

Aside from the aesthetics, the feature I like the most is you can select different windows with special effects.

image image

And it has cool message reading pane for emails and SMS


    For full presentation please refer to this video by SPB
    This cool application cost only for US$29.95. (PHP 1,403.46)  And you can try this for 15 days before purchase.

      Introducing: Windows Live Writer

      Are you having a hard time on placing pictures on your blog?

      I discovered this last night since I am having a hard time putting pictures on Blogger. Adding picture here is like cut an paste same with Microsoft Word.  I am not a Microsoft fan however this is cool.

      For its features it has the following:

      1. Easy sharing of pictures and videos
      2. Cool plug-ins (Twitter, Digg and Flickr)
      3. Direct publish to different Blogging Service (Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc)
      4. Easy to edit previous published blog post
      5. Can handle multiple Blogging Service accounts
      6. and many more

      For full listing and software download please see here

      Windows Live Writer

      Samples Screenshot