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Candy Train

Remember Pipe Dreams…. I first encountered this on Windows 3.1 claasic game. The objective of the game is to place the pipes from one end to another end. And make sure that the water will smoothly flo to the other end.

Pipe Dream for Windows 3.1

Here is its reincarnation… Candy Train.

Platform: iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad [HDMode])
Price: FREE

Similarity: Instead of Pipes, it became rails. And the train will just go round and round.

Objective: The train will just go round and round and you need to get the additionar train car. All you need to do is to prepare the tracks for the train. When the train get longer it became faster and difficult to manuver.


When you get the caboose a station will appear. And you need to let the train to get in to the station, so the train cars will be left at the station on the next level.

However you must remember DO NOT LET THE TRAIN CRASH!!!


Why addictive, because of compeion to the high score.. The game rules is so simple but it is hard.

My highest score is 24,120. And my friend, who introduced the game to me has a score of 36,xxx…

Here are some screen shot for this game.