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Rainy Friday Night at Eastwood

September 11, 2009, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Quezon City, Philippines, it is a rainy night and in Eastwood City and people are relaxing and chill out since it is Friday.

Eastwood Map Eastwood Vicinity Map

Along the way at Eastwood Central Plaza, we saw the Eastwood Mainstay mime actor  wearing a “Michael Jackson” attire.  Standing in front of an F3 car.

Eastwood 9-11-09 001

Eastwood 9-11-09 002

We, Jeffrey and me, looking for a place to eat.  We were noticed this new restaurant in Eastwood Mall.

Eastwood 9-11-09 006

Johnny Rockets new burger restaurant in town

However they are closed.  I think they are just testing the lights.  Damn!!!  At far, especially when you are looking it from inside the building nearby, you will think that this is already open.  I an wondering when they will open to serve the public.

Eastwood 9-11-09 007

Finally we  went to the restaurant on front of it.  And I played with their menu.

Eastwood 9-11-09 003








Stackers’ Menu

Eastwood 9-11-09 005Eastwood 9-11-09 004

Burgers!!! YUM YUM!!! 🙂








However I didn’t order this burger as originally planned.  I settled for 2 Chicken + Fries + 2 cup of Rice.

After meal I walked around.

Eastwood 9-11-09 017BPI Auto-Madness “You can afford these cars, but you cannot afford to buy it in cash, therefore  just take a loan from BPI ;)” (not the official slogan.  I just improvised.)

Eastwood 9-11-09 011

A nice car from Kia worth for almost PHP1.32M.  Very nice car. Japorms. -  SOUL




A nice Hybrid car from Toyota, Prius.  Very fuel efficient.  I didn’t bother to ask since according to  Motion Cars it is cost PHP 2.250M.

Eastwood 9-11-09 012


Setting the Global Warming Issue aside, Nakatipid ka nga sa gasolina, kaso nabawi na ng Toyota yun tinipid mo sa gasolina habang binibili mo pa lang yun kotse. (You saved money from the gasoline.  While you are still on the process of buying this car, Toyota already took your gasoline savings.) :p ^_^



While on dinner we are discussing on how Google makes money.  And how Google facing the competition with Microsoft.  In the end I end up buying an inspirational book, The Google Story.  This book tells the story on how did Google started making business.

After this… I finally went home as I successfully finished my work week.