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Track You Fuel Consumption Online

Last week I discovered this site,  It tracks the fuel consumption of the cars or motorcycle.  Every time we put gasoline to our vehicle, we must record the amount of gas that is filled and the odometer (mileage).  For more accurate results full tank is a must.

As usual it has three units of measurement, US and Metric.  It has two ways of tracking the distance, odometer or trip miles.  It also records the price of gasoline per liter (or per miles) so you can see the price trends.

For the consumption it has the following way to display the amount of the consumption

  1. L/100KM
  2. Miles per Gallon (UK)
  3. Miles per Gallon (US)

One nice thing on this one we can compare the consumption of the gasoline of other cars.  Sad to say we don’t have Km/L so every time I refer I convert L/100Km to Km/L.  Since I just recorded my first gasoline full tank last week so I can’t share to you my consumption.  Here is a sample screen from other vehicle.


Better starts monitoring the fuel consumption rather than fuel price since all we know prices won’t go down same as 10 years ago.  But we can control fuel consumption by car maintenance, or by simply monitoring our driving habits.