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LTO License Plate Verification using SMS

I just got this from an email and I think this is usefull for all of car owners.

LTO Car Plate Number Verification System

  1. Applies to used/old or brand new cars
  2. Provides information about the REGISTRATION of any of your vehicles, whether it is filed genuinely at any LTO Office or not.
  3. There are CHECKPOINTS nowadays and some unscrupulous policemen will tell you that your CAR REGISTRATION is not duly registered even if you show the OFFICIAL RECEIPT- LTO CAR REGISTRATION. The policeman will tell you that it is either tampered or fake and you have no choice but to give the policeman bribe money.

How to use this system:

1. On your cellphone text this message:

< LTO space VEHICLE space XXXooo >

( where XXX000 stands for your vehicle’s PLATE NUMBER ( Philippines ) ) i.e.   LTO VEHICLE ZFH185

2. SEND to 2600 and wait for Auto generated reply then save to your phone.  (An amount of P2.50 or P2.00 will be charged when you send to 2600)

    A reply message from 2600 will inform you the following about the plate no.:

    • Car Plate:
    • Model:
    • Year:
    • Color:
    • Date of Last Registered:
    • LTO Apprehension: if any
    • LTO Alarm: if any

    This is useful for:

    1. If there is a problem in CHECKPOINTS, just show this text message to the officer in charge.
    2. This text message from 2600 is also very important when buying an old and cheap used car.
    3. This will also be useful when you are following a car with a doubtful car plate no.
    4. When you register your car at any LTO Office, try to check this out whether your car is genuinely registered, or a tampered/fake OR was issued to you by an LTO employee or fixer.