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Word Press for iPad

I’m back and guess what, I’m using Word Press for iPad. This is a simple tool that allows you to write something specially while you are on the go.

This is so simple and all that you can do is to write,add photos, and add videos.

If you are expect enough you can use HTML commands to add color and change font. Who cares, you want art go to your PC. You want simple and fast, use mobile device.

By the way why we blog? Because we want to write and share something.

I tried some featues that i think useful for this application.


Sample screen shot.


Introducing: Windows Live Writer

Are you having a hard time on placing pictures on your blog?

I discovered this last night since I am having a hard time putting pictures on Blogger. Adding picture here is like cut an paste same with Microsoft Word.  I am not a Microsoft fan however this is cool.

For its features it has the following:

  1. Easy sharing of pictures and videos
  2. Cool plug-ins (Twitter, Digg and Flickr)
  3. Direct publish to different Blogging Service (Windows Live Spaces, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc)
  4. Easy to edit previous published blog post
  5. Can handle multiple Blogging Service accounts
  6. and many more

For full listing and software download please see here

Windows Live Writer

Samples Screenshot