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Rain Guard

It has been raining these past few days here in Manila (and maybe elsewhere) and when I think about it, I realize how lucky we are because cars, more often than not, have air-con (A/C). However, there are still times when we prefer to breathe fresh polluted air from the outside but cannot open our windows because the drizzling rain would come in. Our solution? Auto Rain Guard =D

I used to think that rain guards are used for aesthetics purposes only (kala ko porma lang), but NO. Rain guard does more than beautify your car, it also shields you from the rain – thus the name.

Rain Guard Two

Rain Guard Three

I remember the days when I used to get wet getting the parking ticket from an outside booth; the water not only soaks the interiors of my car but soaks me as well!

Anyway, if you want rain guards in your cars, you’ll have to purchase because this accessory is not part of the standard car package in the market.

Since the windows is a little bit open, expect for any unexpected guest. (insects) 😉