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Removing Empty Directory

Did you know that having empty folders on you system can cause slowdown on you system?  Yes it is true specially if you have program that traverse all the files and folders on your systems.  You know, by looking to the files at our hard disk, it is a jungle out there.

Here is a simple approach to this problem:

dir <Target Dirctory> /b /ad /s | Sort /r > <output file>

EX: dir c:\Windows /b /as /s | sort /r >DirList.TXT

and append RD for each line on of the output file

The concept here is get the directory list and sort it reverse order. Why in reverse order since the directory display the top directory then it goes to it contents.  By reversing the order you will remove the inner folder first, then the outer folder.

Since RD (Remove Directory) removes empty folder only, therefore it will just remove empty folders only.

Here is a PERL function I made:

sub EraseDir()

if (!-d $_[0])
return 0; #Function Failed
#Get the directory list and sort it reverse order.
system (“dir $_[0] /b /ad /s | Sort /r > _junk.file”);
open LIST ,”_junk.file” || return 0; #Function Failed
open FH,”>_junk.Bat”;
foreach my $line (<LIST>)
chop $line;
print FH “RD \”$line\”\n”;

close (FH);
close (LIST);
unlink “_junk.file”;
system (“_junk.BAT”);
unlink “_junk.Bat”;
return 1; #Successful